I've been wanting to build an amp for a while now, and have always loved the sound of the old fender champs. I found this kit

A totally new kit with all parts and a Hammond 1444-16

chassis using a 5Y3 rectifier, a 6V6GT output tube, and a

12AX7 preamp. Kit is built as a mini head, using proven

Champ type circuitry with including a tube type rectifier

and can be custom fit into your own custom cabinet.

Kit includes all parts including a copy of the new book,

Building Your Own Guitar Amp by Pat Bunn,

a primer on building an inexpensive guitar amplifier.

This book is a descriptive, illustrated text on building the above kit from

scratch, and includes a step by step tutorial illustrated with color photographs.

Shiping is 18 bucks to me. Is this place any good? Anyone have any experiance with them? Also, how hard is it to build a kit? I have built 3 or 4 different distortion/fuzz/boost pedals without to much trouble, how much harder is an amp?
One more thing, is this a good deal? 250$ shipped.
It seems like a good deal to me, i've never dealt with them but they do have quite a number of images up.
From what I've heard the instructions are poor and tech support nearly non-existent.
I recommend one of the clones on ceriatone.com such as the BF Champ (http://www.ceriatone.com/productSubPages/ACBFChamp/ACBFChamp.htm) or the 5F1 Champ (http://www.ceriatone.com/productSubPages/AC5F1Champ/AC5F1Champ.htm)
They're cheap enough compared to STF. Plus they have audio clips on their website.
But that's just my opinion.
With STF, I aperently get a book... no idea if that means a book or 5 pages of shoddy intructions.
OK, after doing some reaserch on harmony central, I have discovered the following.
Only one rewiew for STF, the guy had some issues with instructions and custumer support as slow, but he bought his kit awile ago and I think they have changed things up a bit since then and added an instuction book, maybe.

Torres has a lot of stikes against it in the customer service department, but the only real problem with the kit itself is the encloser is kinda small. I'm makeing my own encloser, so no issues there. Opinions?
Torres is horible. I bought a kit from them. When I got it the directions were wrong and it was missing the transformers, chassis, wire, a couple of the filter caps, and a couple of the resistors. I contacted torres many times trying to get them to send the parts but they never did. After spending around $100 on the phone (I live in the UK so I had to pay a lot each time I talked to them) I gave up trying to get the parts for my amp. So basically, I spent $500 for a set of resistors and a couple tubes.

BTW, the best kits I have been able to find are from www.mojomusicsupply.com They use sprage and mallroy caps and tad resistors as well as boutique transformers wound on a paper bobbin just like vintage transformers. I don't know of any other kits that use transformers that have paper bobbins. Much Much MUCH better than Ceriatone but you pay twice as much for it. They do have options for the kit without the cab and speaker too.
Not taking any online orders.
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