Is it suitable for modern metal tones? I realize it's an older amp. Just wondering if it has the gain I'm looking for. Will be mated with a Mesa 2:90 if I decide to buy it off a guy on craigslist. Just never heard one.
I have never heard one, but I am assuming that it has tones similar to a Mark III. If I were you, I would get a Triaxis. Because it would make your switching project much cheaper being MIDI enabled.
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Yeah, I'm not too worried about the switching with this one. This is for another setup / projet
I had one.

It was very solid. The tones out of the thing were excellent. It could get very heavy too.

I have clips on my profile if you're interested.
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sounds good, very middy though. Not a lot of bass in the clips. Guitar sounds good but sounds kind of dry. It does just ooze "ride the lightening" though. Props to that. I'm just wondering if I could get a more modern tone out of it comprable to a rectifier tone?
If you want some modern examples, youtube FastRedPonyCar's vids on it. Gets kinda DTB/SYL tones on them, and i've heard it do Killswitch and LOG.

After i've gotten the guitars and pedals I want, I'd look into getting one myself.