Hi there!

I currently own a Randall Rg50TC, it's my first tube amp and I find it's lacking a bit and I want to upgrade it to something better. I'm searching for an head and a cab with no real budget (i'll just save my money).

I play mostly metal, but more around the range of trash metal / heavy metal instead of death metal. I'm searching for an amp that has good / respectable cleans... just like for example, the clean Metallica would use in a show.. and of course have a good modern metal type of distortion while still retaining the possibility of getting a 80's 90's trash metal type of sound.

I'm also using a Schecter Hellraiser C1 with the new EMG pickups with the coil tap(which gives them awsome cleans)

So far I thought of those amps and I would like to know your opinion on which amp to get and also what cab.. since i know very little about them :
- Peavey 6505+
- Dual rectifier (heard alot of bad things)
- Engl Powerball (clips iv'e heard let me believe it's more of a death metal amp)

If you're going to save up might as well get something worthwhile. Look into ENGL and Bogner.
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Like a Bogner ubershall? I'm just not sure they're available in Montreal thought
I used a Richie Blackmore signature ENGL at a gig once. Great sound!
I use a Peavey Ultra Plus, nice sound also but that ENGL sounded better than I've ever had my Ultra.
Have you tried putting an OD in front of the Rg50tc and replacing the tubes/speaker?