Ok. I am a big Queens of the Stone Age fan, especially of the new stuff. And since the bass player uses a fuzz (probably) to get his very lo-fi tones, i was wondering what fuzz or other effect pedal will get me similar tones. I dont want anything super-expensive, as I know top-quality fuzzes can get pretty costly.

I also am in the market for a delay pedal, as I would like to learn FCPREMIX from Fall of Troy, and It's Far Better to Learn by Saosin, both of which have intros that require delay. And being able to get some U2 sounds would be cool. I know i can definately buy a Rocktron Short Timer delay, which is probably better suited for Surf, Rockabilly, and atmospheric stuff. So again, any reasonable suggestions are welcome. I am getting a Peavey Valveking 112 all-tube combo. I also use a semi-hollow DeArmond Starfire. Thx in advance for the help.
i know that the guitarist in queens of the stone age uses a ehx big muff ot get his fuzzy distortion...i'm confused as to if you're a guitar player or bass player...for queens distortion for guitar, get a ehx big muff...as far as delays - boss! modulation delay and analog delay are great for u2, and those otehr songs
big muff or big muff clone, and for delay boss dd-3 or dd-5 for TFOT style delays.