Alright, I'm going to buy a bad monkey soon, but while i'm waiting, I'd like to fix my broken pedal, but can't think of what's wrong with it. Any ideas are helpful.

It's a black ross distortion (old, similar to mxr distortion +). It started a couple weeks ago. I was playing, and all of a sudden my sound started fading fast, and went down to virtually nothing (but i can barely hear it if I max the gain and volume). I thought it was my battery, so I replaced it, but no luck.

I can't see that anything's broken, and it works perfectly in bypass, but there's no sound when it's on.

Any thoughts?
AC adapter? sounds like a battery problem to me TBH
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it sounds like its eather a battery going out or your shorting out somewere in the pedal.

have you tried useing it through a power suply?
Yeah it sounds to me like a power source problem like the battery going flat or, if you are using an AC adapter, the connection not being good, the plug coming apart from the wire or the adapter on its terminal breath.

Also, check your input and output connections. You may have your connections not in properly or the wrong way around. Check that the guitar signal is going to the input and the output is going to the amplifier.

If it isn't that, it very well could be bad wiring or a malfunctioning pedal.

And why the hell would you waste your money on a complete piece of **** like the Bad Monkey? I suggest you spend your money on something that doesn't sound like a cat being raped by an elephant.
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