Yeahhh... my SG's got a crack in it already, and the worst part of it is... I honestly don't have a CLUE how it got there. I do know it happened on Friday night though, but that's ALL I know.

It's cracked right around the cord input, and some of the finish is chipped off. I think somehow it got leaned too hard forward when it had a cord in it still, but I was fully unaware of this until I got it out last night. And what's sad about that is I played it a lot Friday night.

I'd have a picture but I don't have a dig. camera that works with my computer at the moment... but can anyone still give me a rough estimate as to how much I'm gonna have to pay to fix it? It's my first (real) guitar and I really don't plan on leaving it like this.
my friends did that (a gibson, something thats double cut dont remember what it was). it still played fine though, and he left it because cosmetics get pretty pricey and it was a battle scar from a show. remember: Guitarists with perfectly intact guitars get no where.
It's just an Epiphone SG Special, right? It won't cost much to have it touched up (not compared to the cost of say, a Gibson model, which would need partial re-finishing depending on how big of a crack it was), though more to the point, it's probably not worth you touching it up.

I'm sure you love it and all, but the fact is an Epi SG Special is one of the lowest, cheapest guitars you can possibly buy. Worrying about dents, chips and cracks in it... isn't worth worrying about.
I would say leave any chips and dents unless it interferes with your playing (sound wise).
thanks guys. Yeah, it's just a Special, but it's a special Special :P So far it's not serious enough that it would hinder my playing at all, but I'm just worried that if it progresses, my input jack will start to fall out of place and cost even more for repair. Maybe I'm just overreacting, but I'm looking at possible future consequences if it does get worse. I mean, I worked my entire Christmas Break this year JUST for this guitar (my first job ever, just to get this guitar), and I don't want that two weeks to go to waste due to this dent/crack/whatever progressing into something that could really screw it up. I mean, the input jack already wobbles around a little. There's no telling what'll happen next.

Anyway, thanks for the help.
Input jacks come a bit loose all the time. Generally they just require a cheap soldering iron and two minutes (if that) to fix. I've never played a single guitar - even Custom Shop Gibsons worth many thousands - that had rock-solid inputs that didn't budge at all.