I didn't have time to look at all of them, I will tomorrow. I listened to the first three. They weren't bad, but most stuff in there seemed just like random notes and stuff. But I have to admit, some of the stuff in there is really badass and awesome. I'll look at the others tomorrow. Btw, some of those chords you wrote look tricky D= .
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I really liked them, good job (i especially liked Jefferson Emerald)! I can't really think of much to say about them - they're all fine as far as I can tell, I know that isn't much help, but just keep it up!
Well seeing as I'm worried about your opinion and the opinions of people who also don't I will upload GP4 versions

Although I'm pretty sure GP4 doesn't have RSE and these songs were made with RSE in mind so they might sound a little different than planned, will edit this post in a sec.

EDIT:Wow that took a good while, well hear you go. All my songs (including a few extras) in GP4, GP5, and MIDI.
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I'll get to this ASAP. I need to be on my other computer with GP. Also, I do have GP5 with RSE but I listen to all songs MIDI rather than RSE anyway. The reason I can't open your GP5 files is because I don't ave the latest version, I have 5.0.
I would crit them, but none of them would open for me. Which makes no sense considering I have gp5, but sorry, I couldn't get them to open.
This is all really sick experimental music to my ears. I think if you stay away from those few simple chromatic runs you have and those parts thrown in for the sole purpose of being 'out there' with no musical purpose then youd have some sick ****. My favorite song is undoubtedly Microphone Cake.
sweet jesus what is going on here? this is like rebel teen music from 2040 (i'm really high right now haha). i listed to a few, they were definitely different, as you described it. are you changing time signatures just for the sake of changing time signatures? i used to do that and it always came out forced. tritones are not my thing but go for it if you love it.

overall...hard for me to love but still really really interesting.
Yeah sometimes I did do it mainly for the sake of it, but I have did it so much that now I can make a flowing riff in just about any time signature.

Any way I got some new works up, they are a bit more straightforward, but I made them to get into the habit of using less stuff that doesn't make sense musically. I will probably get a bit more technical with my next works, but for right now you got these 3.
Three New Songs - GP4, GP5, and MIDI.zip
Woah. These are really unusual, would definetly be interesting to see how they would sound played in a band! I particularly like Mister Boot.
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Wow. Really well done. Extremely creative and unique. Experimental, if I had to classify it all as a general genre, however a nice mix of acoustic, to rock, to metal. Excellent job.
Thanks for all your reviews everyone, I really appreciate it.

Now I just need some harsh critics since you guys got my morale so high, point out any flaw you notice, make fun of my music, call microphone cake stupid, anything, just too many good comments and not enough bad ones (Is that possible?)

I'm sure there's a few flaws somewhere just point em out, it will help me out in the long run.
Ok well I listened to all of your second batch, and about half of the first batch and I definitely thought they were interesting. It reminds me a bit of a mix between Between the Buried and Me and Sikth. I can see you're into your atonal, chaotic stuff anyway!

My main crticism would be, however, that atonal and chaotic seems to be all you're going for at the moment. I'm not saying that's bad, but just don't forget that you are allowed to use 4/4 and 3/4, and even keep within normal keys now and then througout this. That'd add a real sense of contrast to your music. I always find when I listen to Sikth, there's placid interludes of sanity mixed in with those beserk, fast-paced sections. It makes the crazy stuff stand out more, and stops it from becoming tiring.

Or perhaps the world simply isn't ready for you yet, bloodshed!

Keep it up, anyway! I'm always interested in hearing a bit of avant-garde stuff!

If you want, crit mine. It's in my sig! I could do with some suggestions as it hasn't gone down all that well so far!

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Listened to Purple Flower:

Didn't really like it, not really my style too, too much weird time sigs change o.o
At bar 26, why put the tempo to 348, just cut it in half and put sixteenth notes.
I have to say the drums are really well done though!
My favorite part was from bar 62 to the end, really cool riff there.
So yeah, it's a good song, but too much time sigs change for me.

Keep it up I guess 7/10

Cheers for the crit.
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It was good... But a lot of the stuff seemed impossible to play. lol
I'd give you a more detailed crit.. But I'm feeling pretty crappy. Sorry. lol