I wrote this song for a broken down friend who's world seemed to be crumbling at a rapid pace.

Suddenly, her world comes crashing down,
I can hear it, feel it hit the ground,
Heads a steady whirlwind of neglect,
As a tiny cross dangles from her neck..
She lives in a house rather than a home,
Surrounded by people-yet still feels alone,
Has a boyfriend who's selfish in so many ways,
As her head of black turns gradually gray,
An old friend for years has become a mirage,
Succumbing to tears now she's in the garage,
Seeking for help now, she picks up the phone,
And recieves nothing more than a dial tone..
She just wants to push just as all others pull,
I just wish she knew she was beautiful,
With decorative ears that dare to listen,
And eyes that live brown but still manage to glisten,
There's something in the way in which she speaks her words,
That renders her chaos so undeserved,
Maintain your composure and just struggle through,
Cuz soon it's all over
It's them and not you.

if you happened to like that you can hear it and a couple of my other songs on my myspace... i would love the support/feedback it would mean a lot!
-Steve (The social recluse)