Hey guys,
I'm just venturing into the Recording world, so i borrowed one of my friends usb interfaces, a TASCAM US-122, which i think is the last generation of that usb interface. Anyway, i have Logic 8 Studio and Garageband, and out of the two i decided to first get my feet wet with garageband. When i put it into record, i always get a buzzing noise. Doesn't matter which pickup i use or what cable. What am i doing wrong? Should i be going straight from my guitar into the interface? Or from my CUBE amps recording out?

and how do i know what to put all of the knobs at, etc?
Here's some links about the interface:
the product page - http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Tascam-US122-USB-AudioMIDI-Interface?sku=240868&src=3SOSWXXA
A close up picture of all the confusing knobs haha - http://www.productwiki.com/upload/images/tascam_us_122.jpg

could someone please explain what to set all the settings at?
thanks for helping out a noob
much appreciated guys
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mic the amp. or go right into the interface, or both, play around with it see what sounds best to you. Start with your amp volume all the way down then bring it up til you get a good level that wont distort even at the loudest part of your cut.

as for your 1st Q, about the buzzing, idk play around with it. I know sometimes I get buzzing when someone downstiars turns on the microwave??? That blows.
With the micro cube amps you get the best recording going from the record out jack to a line in port on the interface, it says this in the manual of the cube as well.

the speaker on the micro cube is small and wont give great sound so I would advise you dont mic those small amps.

If you have a good mic and a good cube amp, mic it.

- Cube amp out with TRS phono cord to the L line in on the interface.
- set the interface channel 1 to mic/line
- phantom power off
- adjust phones knob to your comfort (you should be monitoring with headphones from the interface)
- adjust line out until you get around the level you are good at in your recording program.

I dont own that product and have never used it so I can say what most of the features on it do but you should be able to try them and see what works.

as for the buzzing, you could have something plugged into the wrong place on the interface...
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Also, to combat buzzing, try and make sure that power cables aren't running over jack leads/XLR cables etc. This can cause buzzing. It might not have anything to do with your problem, but it couldn't hurt to do it, as it's not exactly hard
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You also want to make sure that the USB interface is NOT plugged into any type of USB hub or extension. Plug it directly into the PC on the back panel.

If you still have trouble with buzz trying removing as many components from the chain as possible and working back up until you find what's introducing the excess noise.
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