Alright so I've been playing guitar now for like 4-5 years and I've been playing bass on and off just for ****s 'n giggles through out the time I played guitar. Now I'm playing bass in a metal band and I need a new bass. I'm currently playing a fender precision, but I need a new one.

Now getting down to business, can you guys recomend me some basses? I was at a store today looking at the Spector Performer and the LTD D-4 (have and LTD guitar and love it). but do you guys want to add any other basses I should check out for somone who's on a budget ($400-$500).

And last off, I dont know weather to get a 4 or 5 string, I know I wouldnt use the low string right now but In time I would learn how to use it.
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That spector would suit you well, check out some ESP/LTD F-series basses, and Schecter basses in your price range. Both are great for metal.
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definitely go with a schecter or maybe a high end ibanez, the schecter studio 5 string is within your price range and it sounds amazing
I say a Spector 4 or 5 string bass is great for more advanced bassists!It cost about $5,300.But it is a really good bass.Alex Webster from Canniabl Corpse uses Spectors!
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Well, if you have a Fender P just for ****s and giggles, sell that and get your mommy and daddy to give you the extra money for a Warwick Thumb.

Oh jeez, it's early, and my contempt for people with money isn't under control very well.
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Ibanez SR500/SR505.. work out which one's the 5 string ^^

Yeah.. but anyway, great basses.
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