I saw Shine a Light, The Stones - Scorsese movie last Friday. Did anybody else think it was amazing? Discuss
Haven't. Why is it so good?
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I remember that

Sadly, I was the threatened.
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i thought you were talking about the wolf parade song

anyway, how was it?
I have no opinion on this matter.
I saw it in IMAX. I loved it. The Stones get a lot of **** for being old and Mick takes a lot of **** himself for acting a bit queer, but they really put everything they have into their show.
I think it just captured everything about the Stones and their live energy and the excitement they've brought since the beginning of time lol. There's a great clip where Mick's being interviewed when they had been together for 2 years and they asked him how much longer they will be a band and he replies "I think we've got atleast another year left" haha
the best part was Champagne and Reefer with Buddy Guy. There was a close-up on his face and he just had such an intense look on him. Christina Aguilera was smokin' too.

I just saw it, and i thought the movie was killer. I mean, i can now say that i think the greatest band of all time, at least to me, is the Rolling Stones. Not to mention they had Buddy Guy, Cristina Aguilera and Jack White to sing a few. Ron and Keith still have it as well.

Way to go Stones, keep it going!
I saw it in April. Awesome movie! I loved it.
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I saw it on a plane, it was good i liked the end when Mic was going around introducing the band members and he goes to Charlie.
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