Is it totally necessary to memorize the exact notes in a scale and the name that goes with them or would it be better to memorize the different sounds that different shapes make?.....I can make different sounding riffs to a degree because when I'm bored late at night I run through different scales to see what note intervals make certain sounds....When I'm playing I don't think modes and such, I have the melody going through my head and I just have to know where that fret is automatically....I also can't focus on learning scales because little of it really sinks in. The only thing I'm really concerned about is arpeggios since those will be very useful for melody and solo writing.....Sorry if I rambled and made no sense at all, it's late.
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Learn and internalise the notes in the scale, the intervals they represent, what they sound like and the shape they make on the fretboard.

Yes, I disagree with Mr Happy on the last part.

It's probably not totally necessary, but I think it's the best way. In the end, do what works for you.
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