Recently I've fallen love with basically any effect thats stereo. Anyways I've been looking for a tremolo that had panning capabilities, and the only one I found was the Line 6 tremolo. (like the only Line-6 tremolo on musicians friend) Anyways I've had some bad experiences with Line-6 products and I just don't like the company, so as I am a stubborn asshole, I don't want to buy it. So I researched other pan tremolo pedals, and I was really hoping boss had one. After a few minutes of searching Google I came across an older model called The Pn-2. I found a few on ebay and I'm interested in investing in this pedal, I just want to know is it's a good reliable pedal, and if its what I'm looking for. Basically any first hand info if anybody has it.

And basically what I'm looking for is a pedal that sounds like any other tremelo just each time the volume increases and decreases (like each cycle) it switches from one amp to the other.
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its a Boss pedal, so reliability is pretty much guaranteed.
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yeah, boss is almost always reliable, but the quality in some of their stuff is not always up to par. or at least my standards.

i think the EHX stereo pulsar can do that (its stereo anyway). cant think of anything else off the top of my head though...

EDIT: quick musicians friend search found a couple more:
go with the electro harmonix tremolo it kicks ass, i have the boss tr-2 but i dont use stereo outputs so i guess that wouldn't work for you