Hey Im buying an Epiphone Standard Plus Top and i am going to put new pickups in it and I am wonder which ones would be better the Seymor Duncan Alnico pro II pickups or the Gibson 57' Humbuckers.

I play Blues, Classic/Hard Rock ( Led Zeppelin, GNR, SRV, Cream, Jimi Hendrix etc.) and am Looking for a pickup that is versatile enough to have a good clean tone for blues and has enough punch to play harder stuff like GNR.

Any comments on which one would be better would be appreciated.
I say get the guitar i have

Cheaper and awesome stock pickups
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Get the Gibson 500T in the bridge and the 490 in the neck.
Neck is nice and warm but not muddy, and the bridge is punchy.
I got them in my Explorer Pro, and they cover from blues and southern-rock to metal very nicely.
500T+490 win.
I suggest not getting Burstbuckers.
The Seymour Duncan JB (bridge) and Jazz (neck) would be a good combo too. Very popular.

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