I always sorta promised myself I'd never post one of these godforsaken attention-seeking "oh god please listen to my band" threads, but I figured now that I've actually recorded a few things worthy of at least a passing mention, I'd give 'em a shot on the forum.

At the moment, the only project I'm truly serious about is Borealia a, a sort of progressive rock solo project/internet collaboration with a friend of mine. Basically, I record all the instruments (mostly just guitar, bass and keys, with GarageBand providing me with drums because I'm cheap), and I am waiting on Steve to begin recording vocals (as soon as I actually get some lyrics written, that is).

The five songs I have up there are somewhat unpolished instrumental versions of the future recordings. "Battle Creek" is sort of a Blind Guardian-meets-Coheed And Cambria rocker with a solo section that predates everything else by a couple of years. "Avian Melody" is a song I wrote in dedication to a childhood hero of mine, Vicki Van Meter (R.I.P.), and a typical "shred instrumental" piece. "In The End" is going to be the closing track of our first "album", which is really going to be more like a glorified demo. It has a kind of typical progressive metal tone to it. "Of The Northern Lights" and "There Are No Rats In Alberta" are me exploring my jazz/fusion side more.

Criticism and comments are welcome, so long as it's kept constructive. :P
Q: Favourite Pink Floyd song?
A: The one where they get wicked high and play Emin and A for an hour.