So I'm looking for a new guitar. As of now I have an Epiphone Les Paul that's headstock is glued back on cuz one of my friends knocked it over. I'm kinda stuck between a Gibson Les Paul or a Fender Strat. Can y'all tell me some advantages/disadvantages to both. I know the distinct sounds of the 2, I just need some more information. Thanks
yea dude, strat is twangy and brighter with its single coils and bolt-on neck, while the les paul is darker sounding with its humbuckers, set in neck, and mohogany body.
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well with gibson you are paying for the name on the headstock, get an epi les paul custom or elitist, which is about as good as the standard gibson les paul, and about 2grand cheaper.
Fender not so much, still paying for the name, but the thing is squire doesn't make good high level guitars, so if you want a good one, go for a Fender MIM or MIA Standard, or deluxe of you can afford it
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