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half ots, half not, if you catch my drift

[RIGHT]an [size="3"][B]angry[/B][/SIZE] man
a [size="3"][I]poor [/I][/SIZE]man
an [size="3"][B]intelligent[/B][/SIZE] man[/RIGHT]

Oh what a [u]cunning[/u] act he was to perform
[i]"Do you enjoy life? do you wish to keep it?"[/i]
Oh what a man he is, ponders before he acts.
[B]You cannot take a dead man's life[/B]

[RIGHT]A [U]vessel[/U] of [B]hate[/B] and [B]stress[/B]
yet no where from which it originates,
It feeds on it's self, like the weeds you [size="4"]hastily[/SIZE] remove.
[U]You cannot kill what grows of its dead. [/U][/RIGHT]

[i]"Is death your plead?
death your wish?"[/i]
What an [size="1"]intelligent [/SIZE]man he is,
clever, quick, and easy.

This man knows his living.
[RIGHT]but one mistake, leads him to his "debt",
to families, to children, to him, to her,
[I]"Plead your case,
though you shall not be heard
you are a [B]mad [/B]man,

not a [size="1"]clever[/SIZE] one,
one must first see to your death,
[size="3"]for the Dead you have taken,[/SIZE]"

[CENTER]Behind [B][size="3"]bars[/SIZE][/B]!
Placed in [B][size="4"]chains[/SIZE][/B]!
kept like [B]rats [/B]in a[B] box[/B]!
[size="1"]is there much difference, in the Outside?[/SIZE]

[RIGHT]though still the [size="1"]Outside[/SIZE] is [size="3"][B]begged[/B][/SIZE] for,
[I]"what [B]I[/B] beg for [B]I[/B] get![/RIGHT]


[size="1"]he always does get it in the end. [/SIZE]
"They come [U]next[/U] [size="3"]eve[/SIZE],
[B]dead of dawn."
[RIGHT]an [B][size="3"]angry[/SIZE][/B] man
a [I][size="3"]poor[/SIZE][/I] man
an [B][size="3"]intelligent[/SIZE][/B] man[/RIGHT]

[CENTER][size="4"]You cannot kill Dawn[/SIZE]. [/CENTER]

My World is a Dream.[/I][/SIZE][/RIGHT]
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I liked this, and I'll probably have chance to crit it better later (not in the right place at the moment, and this is possibly why I think the layout is a bit pretentious but it may grow on me). I'll be back though to see if I have anything more to say.

Could you crit the song under the 'Yeah?' in my sig?
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hmm. it's strange, i don't think i got the full effect. i'll try to comment more later.
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Wow, that took me a while. I definitely liked it, but I'm not sure I completely understand it. I think the way it was displayed brought out the points well. nicely written.
i need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me, yeah.
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