I ordered a set of power tubes of GAK.co.uk last night and I didn't get a confirmation e-mail. Aren't you supposed to get those as soon as you order?
Sometimes, not always though, it can be a day later (in my experience)
I think someone posted a thread saying to not buy tubes from GAK....
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dont buy anything off gak, they NEVER have anything in stock (in my experience), buy off thomann.
Don't just buy tubes elsewhere, buy everything elsewhere. I used to do a lot of browsing on GAK, never buying, and then I realised they don't even have a lot of **** you can browse compared to Thomann.

Also, with Thomann, I've ordered:
A Framus 2x12, arrived in 4 days
and an ART Tube MP mkI, arrived in THREE days, one day less than what they say is the minimum time it'll take to ship overseas.

I ordered my AKG Perception 200 condenser mic from GAK (I ordered the ART Tube MP the same day off Thomann cos it was cheaper off there.)
The mic arrived about 2 and a half weeks after the ART Tube Preamp.

My band's guitarist also ordered an ibanez from GAK, it arrived in an unplayable state.

**** GAK.