Hi I have recenlty joined Ultimate and I have used it for tab for about 1 year now.

I love guitar but my guitar might be a Fender, not a Squier.

Well, I have looed all over the place for my guitar but I have not found it. Ive also had a close look and the neck does not fit the Guitar. The strings fail to line up with the pickups and there are gaps in the neck where it joins. Apart from that, it plays great. Another point is that the body weighs a hella lot more than any other squier ive picked up.

What about the sound? The sound has that very brutal Fender sound. Absolute Bliss to listen to. Sustain is high, what else is there not to like. The pickups and knobs have that 1950's vintage look. Old and stained. Also it has a very faint 'Fender' Logo running along side the pickgaurd on the left side. The tremolo is kind of not set up properly as it can go low very easily but not high. I have never seen a tremolo that looks the same as mine on a Squeir.

I have a feeling that this lady that had it last accidently snapped the neck or made it unplayable by leaving it in the heat or something or rather. So she went cheap and replaced it with a Squeir neck.

I will put some photos of the guitar on my profile soon. Add me as a friend. I need some hahaha.

Reply what you think.

Thanks Eli.
Wrong forum. But uh, yeah, it appears you do have a Fender. The earlier models had vibrato units that could only go down instead of up - seems you have a vintage model or something. The fact that the neck is warped implies that something's wrong with the truss rod - have it looked at by a guitar technician. He/she should also be able to tell you whether your guitar is a Fender or a Squier.