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I've been thinking of buying an Ibanez S5470TKS, but i recently heard some rumors about it has a very bad sustain due to the new ZR bridge. Can someone confirm this? We got some S5470 users here?
I'm glad to receive suggestion about other guitars in the same price range (1200&euro and stats.

ZR is not bad for sustain at all, if anything a (possible) lack of sustain would be the thin body
1. Because it has a floating trem, sustain will never be as good as a hardtail guitar.
2. Thin body results in lower sustain than say... a Les Paul which is a hunk of wood.

But really, if you have enough gain or feedback, it really doesn't matter. The S5470 is one sexy guitar and I doubt you would have trouble with sustain really.
i actually have no idea why you would want a really long sustain. unless your playing really really slow you shouldnt need notes to last more then a few seconds.
Yes, the sustain would be worse than say, a Les Paul. But its no where near 'bad'. If you want it, you cant really go wrong unless you have no idea how to work a floating bridge.

Edit: Well^^^ looks like i might be wrong. That doesn't look good because these guitars looked to be real killers this year.
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i have an s470, and it has killer sustain, but you have to remember, its also how you play (vibrato for example), and dependant on the quality of your amp, eg tube or not, and you settings.
I have crap sustain but thats probably cause my action is screwed so the strings hits against the frets causing fret buzz and less sustain But when i first got it (and the action was fine) It the sustain was awesome with the right amount of distortion.
Want a real sustain fix for this guitar? I have one and it sustains forever. Check out the following link... it points to another thread in this forum where I outlined the steps that need to be taken to fix this... its not a simple thing but once done the difference is tremendous:


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