I'm looking for a song to play in BEADG tuning. Before you go say "lololol search it newb" I did, and all the songs in the "Songs for 5 strings" thread are in drop tunings. So I am looking for some good metal/rock songs to play in B Standard
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Depends on what you want to play. Soilwork uses B standard tunings so does Amon Amarth
scar symmetry too. Im sure they're a lot of other bands to add thats just of the top of my head
Korn uses A standard in a lot of their songs, just drop everything down a step and you're set.
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Edit: Bloodbath too.
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Most Fear Factory - except half of Obsolete and Digimortal is in B-standard (those are tuned down to A, but half the songs don't go below B).
Lots of repetitive licks on the B-string, but a great right hand and timing work out.
it doesnt need to be in B standard for you to play it. any song in a drop tuning lower that B you can play without changing your tuning.
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Papa Roach - Between Angles and Insects, Theres also a fun little bass solo in the song.
Try some Audioslave.
But I think you're not getting the point. The good thing about a fiver is that you can play stuff that's meant to be played on a half-step downtuned four-string, without having to retune it. You can play a lot of drop-d songs without having to retune- So be more flexible, don't just looks for songs that are specifically meant for a standard tuning 5er.