So ive been trying to play this song for the last 72 hours or so and I can play the intro perfectly only if i fingerpick, if I use a pick i usuually hit a couple stray harmonic while trying to mute the middle strings heres the tab below, can anyone suggest an alternate way to tackle this song?


any help is appreciated
Quote by Ben_Eaglesfield
you could always try fingerpicking the notes on the G, D and A strings with your middle and ring fingers, while picking the bass notes with a pick in your thumb and index?
that way you could hold the pick but also finger pick the other notes?

yea ive been practicing that all day so far and im beginning to sound not terrible so ill keep playing it like you said.

you can just strum with the pick if yoyu really want to. Just mute the strings you don't want in it by slighting muffling them with your finger.

The intro is nothing compared to the rest of the song X-X I'm trying to get the Pick tapping part down still.