Just wondering what you think would be the best tube amp (if any) I could get for $500 AUD...Basically I need an amp for band practice to pub gigs and would like a tube amp. I do realise that the case may be that I simply can not get a decent tube amp with the ability to do what i require, however the only way to know is ask.

I'm not sure whether this makes a difference or not but I play a lot classic rock, metal and blues, with the occasional bit of country. If you want a more information then go to my profile and look at my favourite bands and guitarists and such.

I think you should go for a Vox Valvetronix or something as there isn't really much you can get for pub gigs in that range
Oh and also..Is there anything wrong with buying second hand tube amps?...Apart from obviously not buying one that's all smashed and such...
Then I think due to me only having $500 to play with I'll buy used...Does anyone have any further suggestions?

500 won't get you far in Australian dollars huh? I picked up a Peavey Classic 30 secondhand for 520 (shipping was extra) maybe you could go something like that?
It's all the money I can really get...I have to many expensive hobbies I guess.. Ohwell I guess I'll go around to some second hand shops and hope for some good luck lol.

Thanks, everyone.
Your not going to get A tube amp that can do metal tones for under $500 aus dude .
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