okay i have written my first solo and interlude solo, with the rest of the song. But i need help coming up with a rythym and/or riff to fit the beginning of the interlude solo to tie it all together. Do you have any tips? I cant seem to find anything that fits.

Its starts of with


then it goes into the real interlude part then the solo. i just cant think of anything that fits that beginning part.

um sorry i really am but i have no idea. im very new to guitar and only know about 10 scales. i just play what sounds right. I was just wondering if you guys could help me to see what thing would fit. sorry if this doesnt help. any suggestions on easy basic riffs that would fit?
Learn theory, we're not gonna write your music for you.

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no you misunderstood me. I dont want you to write for me, there no fun in that. I just want to know some techniques on how to come up with ideas. Like what do you guys do? And i have been learning alot of theory lately i just havnt gotten into keys yet.
Try connecting that to other scales in the key. Just mess around with that until you get something that sounds good.

Your ear is your most important tool, theory is secondary.

erm i mean depends how fast its getting played, id suggest just play that over one chord that the scale is in key to, really to keep it at its simplest, but to be honest that 'lick' sounds to me like its going nowhere.work on it more, write a chord progression then maybe incorporate that lick into the chord progression but not necesarily with the exact same notes, and see if you sill consider that first solo/interlude solo whatever your calling it...worthy of being in an actual solo