Just uploaded 2 of my 7 string instrumentals on my profile - The Speed of Light and Distant Worlds. The 1st one is in B minor based around the scale tone triads B Minor, A Major, and C# Diminished.
The 2nd one is based on a drop A tuned riff in A minor with a phaser effect on the lead guitars.
nice riffing here at the start,(distant worlds) i think you could improve your tone a bit though. and try using the other strings too, keep it interesting.
one problem i often notice with 7 string players, and is here too, is that they only tend to use the lowest register for riffing, and only the upper register for soloing, id like to hear more shifting between the two on say solos.
some pretty sweet solo sections here, i tend to prefer you longer sections, and the shorter fill type ones seem like they arent really going anywhere. strongest parts of this song is so far the start, and leading up to the transition past the 3 minute mark. nice acoustic section here. i like how you go back to the main theme melody thing afterwards. as a suggestion, i would use a different, maybe similar, riff past the acoustic section. soloing section after is impressive but not all that musical to me ( i like shred), maybe with a different riffit would be easier to create a more flowing outro solo.
anyways, that my take on it, some pretty sweet stuff in there, just expand it a bit more.

check mine out? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=830064
Thanks for the Feedback. How about the other instrumental?
Looking back I should have used the noise gate function in Cubase LE and maybe less distortion coupled with a compressor and/or chorus.
These were my first ever 7 string based pieces so all I was really looking for was a really low growling riff sound - hence the heavy usage of the low B string.
I didn't actually give Distant Worlds very much time, just started riffing in A/B minor and ran with it, a melody would have made a much better verse section. I think writing ballads is a better strength of mine...
As for your video, I liked it. It was apt, and not over the top - you didn't wreck it by throwing in excessive sweeps or anything.
I loved your riffage in "Trashy Song" I had to tap my foot when I first heard it.
Feel free to check out the rest of my instrumentals in my profile.
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