Are you a musician?

Are you tired of constantly dealing with flakes and general idiots?

Are you fed up with the complete frivolity of show-business?

Are you looking for a band that wants to... you know... actually make some real music?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you and I might get along pretty well.

Basically I am recruiting members for my band: The New Silent Generation. Simply look at the bandpage (http://www.myspace.com/thenewsilentgeneration), ask me any questions you may have (about anything), and we will go from there.

We currently have open positions for ambitious guitarists and drummers (message me for the specifics), but if you are a vocalist or keyboardist I may also have a place for you.

Remember, NSG is a real band wanting to make real music, so those who are not serious need not apply.


P.S. To save you a message: NSG has no songs up on its profile for the same reason I posted this ad (ie. we are not a complete band).
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I'm tempted, it's funny your screen names rock dj because I've been wanting to create an all purpose fusion rave band.

Are you a Bassist? Because that is my position >_>
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i play bass but I'm really an awesome vocalist and i prefer guitar. Part of my plan is to play townshend meets summers.

Hmm... that sounds interesting.

Send some samples of your stuff to the bandpage.
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Sadly it's a rather recent development and idea so I have no samples, I live with my friend and by the summer we hope to have his room set up for recording and mixing.

Nice, that seems helpful.