hey every1. am new to this forum thing, so be gentle lol. been out of the computer loop 4 a couple of years. just wondering if any1 has any friendly advice on pulling off the perfect pinched harmonic. cheers
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its a hard concept to explain. there are alot of videos on youtube you could check out and they probably have some lessons on this site. this question comes up alot.
find the right spots on each string
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find the right spots on each string

if you're having trouble with that, a hot area for all the strings is around where the middle pickup on a strat is. works for me.
Hold the pick so you hit the string with your thumb right after you hit it with the pick.
wow. thanks guys. av been playing for a wile now, and its the only thing av ever had any major trouble figuring out. kinda felt stupid asking, but a thout it wud b best to just swallow ma pride. well cheers. its saved me a lot of time lol.