Hey, first time poster, long time lurker . So basically, I've had a Strat-o-ripoff that I've always messed around with, and this year for my A2 level systems project I decided to go the whole hog and completely rebuild it.
Because this is for a systems project there had to be electronics involved, and i decided to build in a couple of effects, after long deliberation and several dud circuits I've ended up with just a preamp and a octave up effect (that doesn't work and gets radio from the 60's).
So far the body has been sanded and extra space routed out by removing the space between the electronics cavity and the jack cavity, the jack socket and some controls are going to be moved to a flat i cut on the lower corner, I've built the octave up, and the preamp and working on a relay based router and LED control circuit.
the victorian theme is simply because it looks cool, I'n going to make brass plates to hold most of the controls and sockets and have a computer cooling fan cover over a car head lamp that i will explain later.

I'm having some major problems with the octave effect , i.e. it doesn't work. the gain pot acts like a tone pot and the volume just fades between the guitar signal and static.

Updates + better writing very soon and I'll post pics as soon as i have them.
*EDIT* Heres the circuit diagram for the octave effect.

All the components are correct (had to source the transistors as Maplin and Rapid both failed me.) apart from the 500K resistors that i didn't have, so i made two banks of 5 100k's.
Heres the Indicator LED's. small one for on/off and the big ones a bi colour for the effect and preamp on/ bypassed, but i think i burned it out testing what wires went to each one :S. The brass plate is how im thinking the rest of the controls will be mounted and im going to stain the body (oak) darker.

Heres the (crappy broken) octave circuit + 2 banks of 5: 100k resistors.
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show us a diagram or something of the octaver, and we can check it out

EDIT: just saw that, my internet is being s***e

'Fraid I can't help on the octaver front, but the 'victorian' theme sounds like a laugh - be sure to post some pics when complete. And yeah, Maplin is utterly useless for musical-grade components, the specialist electonics catalogues are the only way I'm able to get stuff I need without paying silly prcies from 'specialist' guitar part suppliers.
To find some 500K pots look on allparts (the UK one of course )

Also, as I'm not THAT electronically inclined I cannot help you, just popped in as this sounds interesting Remember to post pics