For me nothing beats DR strings. Damn I love them. They are silky smooth and sound great. I've tried Ernie Balls (disliked), Elixers (not terrible but not great), and D' Addrios (meh) but the DRs are fantastic IMO.

What about you guys?
I've tried all of those except DR and EB are the most preferable for me. They feel and sound good, plus they are less prone to breakng.
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They come in black.
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i have tried a bunch, i went from dr to cleartone. the cleartones are hands down better sounding strings on my guitar. could be cause i got the black ones. they sounded muffed a little compared to the cleartones.
im still experimenting, but i do have a set of DR's on my strat and i love them.
but for my other guitars that require thicker strings, i havent quite found the gauge or the company that suits my needs. i think im going to stick with DR's for my strat, does DR make .13's?
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Elixir, love the feeling and the durability
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blue steel strings for me on every guitar i own. i find that they last longer, even though i change strings pretty often... still it's been years since i've broken a string while playing.
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Elixir, love the feeling and the durability

I've been using them for years, they're so smooth! Definately worth the price.
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i like DRs but im still experimenting.
I know this is the guitar forum but ill tell you anyway, stay away from budget strings like FRET MATE. i bought some today for bass and the E string was in the A string packet. I didnt realise until I opened up the A string packet to find the E string and when i took the A off, because i had trimmed it at the end it didnt reach the machine head when i tried putting it in the right place. Had to go back to the shop and i bought some EBs. £32 down the drain.
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I usually play with 0.9 GHS Strings. They're easy to bend, kinda hard to break up, can get awesome vibratos and bends with them. I love 'em. And not so expensive.
Ernie Ball STHB FTW.

Although I'm tempted to try Rotosounds.
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D'Addario 10's and 11's for me. They've never failed me and I've been using the brand for many years. Plus, the bright and spanky sound they have is perfect for what I want.

DR are also great, but more expensive and in my experience, not worth the difference unless you aren't settled for a particular sound and feel.
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Currently I use EBs because they last me about three months and they cost me around 6 bucks + tax.

I am tempted to slap DRs on this biatch though.
Ernie Ball skinny top heavy bottom, they are great for drop D or standard D
or regular slinkys for standard E
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