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Paint the bass
12 32%
Make a "real" song
18 47%
Make an album
4 11%
Room overhaulin'
4 11%
Voters: 38.
so we have to do a project in school for the last week before leaving; and I have thought of some alternatives for it....

1) Repainting my bass
(look Here for more info)

2) make a "real" song
I'll write a song that i'll carefully plan, write lyrics, put real effort in recording, mixing, mastring and etc.

3) make an album with instrumental songs
Will mostly be improvisations; i'll make drum loops and improvise to them while recording.

4) Room overhauling
This will include some serious planning, resourse-gathering and painting, some poster-shopping, etc. etc.

so what do you think?
poll up soon
You like it

One week to make an album? eep.

I say make the song... And really fine tune it.
Write a song. That or paint the bass. It'll be something for yourself.

I'd say the song though, as that would be the most fun.
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Painting the bass. You really get something nice out of it.
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the room. then it looks like you're willing to work really hard, even though its the last week
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