well i really adore my js1000 but the trem just keeps pissing me off. its alright but tuning is a bitch and the knife edges constantly wear down at staggering speeds. im now bored of this as you may have guessed. my plan is to get an original floyd rose and replace my trem with it. good or bad idea? also, is this something i could do myself (first time but im fairly handy ) or get a luthier to do it? im fairly sure my current trem is a lo-pro from 2004 but it could be an edge pro.
thanks in advance
You cant be serious? You must abuse the hell outta your guitar.

Now the reason i came to this conclusion is that i have had my JS1000 for 2 years now without ANY wear on the knife edges. I use my whammy bar a lot! I mean, on almost every song my band does and cover that i do of Joe's. I cant believe that you are having problems with it, pics would help convice me though. I abuse the whammy a lot....a lot a lot, especially when i first got it.

As for a solution, Joe installs uses an Ibanez Edge tremolo in most of his guitars. There are a few videos on youtube of him explaining using modes with him using a JS1000 with a bunch'a "satch faces" drawn on it with a sharpie. That guitar has an "Edge" tremolo. I remember something from another forum saying that slight modification is needed to install any OFR, although i could be mistaken.

I still cant over the fact that the edges wear down so quickly............