This is not just a thread because I want to know which amp to buy.

Numerous people ask questions about which amp to get, sometimes in a particular price range, and I'm aiming to provide a comprehensive list of brands and the best amps to get.

Small problem here is that I don't know dog**** about bass amps (I am looking for one, however).

I know Ashdown, Eden and to some extent Hartke and Nemesis are all right, and that Behringer should be avoided (as with all lines of Behringer products, especially the grand pianos LOL) so, I was just wondering, what's the difference between the 'good' brands of bass amps? What's the major tone difference between Ashdown and Eden? etc.
To eventually find out how much money I actually want to spend on a bass amp. :p
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it relly depends what you're aiming for. i use distortion with my bass at times so i needed to buy an amp with distortion built in. i also need to make sure that i can coplete my effects loop so i took that into consideration. i have a crate and i love it. it has enough variations to change the sound to pretty much whatever you want, you just have to make sure you balance it right other wise you get weird feedback.