so i just bought a gibson les paul 57 reissue goldtop, and to keep it from plumiting to its death i want to put a pair of straplocks on it, i have a pair of dunlops on my epi and they suck, they dont always lock it and the strap pulls right back off, or if i get them on good, i cant get them off. it almost gets to the point were i have to stand on the guitar and pull. so what are some other good brands? i know theres schaller but i havent heard much about them
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Schaller is probably the best, just don't fling your guitar around too much and you'll be alright.
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All that aside, I use Schallers. I like them.

If you want ULTRA secure straplocks, bolt them on with a huge screw and washer. Just don't split your guitars body in half.
Dimarzio cliplocks are safe as houses.
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