Hello All. I'm new. I've read the rules so I think I'm okay here and this is a genuine enquiry.
I've been strumming chords etc as a start off to playing acoustic guitar using mainly my thumb and things sound pretty good I think. But maybe as a consequence of this "thumbing" I now sound awful when I'm trying to use a plectrum with the same chords. Everything seems to be loud, noisy and messy, particularly on upstrokes where I'm catching everything wrong! I've looked at how I'm holding the pick and that seems to be okay. Don't know if I'm just being heavy-handed or what.
Could anyone please help? It's driving me mad!

Kind regards, mike

PS This looks like a very interesting forum and a great site!
try lossening the pressure that your squezzing the pick with and try hit the string only with the tips and try play as light as possible and slowly build up power and volume but resist squeezing the pick hard it should be loose or maybe try a different pic what thickness du use?
You just have to get comfortable using a pick. I don't know of any specific advice to give you because I had none that helped me with it. When I first started I strummed with my thumb too. Just a lot of practice like anything else and you'll get comfortable with it, I guarantee it.
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I agree with the two above. You miht also try a lighter pick.
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Thanks for quick replies!
The pick I'm using says: USA NYLON .38mm (Jim Dunlop)

Not sure what all that means tho'...
They don't come much thinner than that. Maybe a thicker pick would be better then, that will also sound different. I like the Dunlop Nylon series myself, currently the Nylon 0.88 mm is my favourite.

...or maybe you just simply prefer the sound you get when strumming with your fingers.
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Thanks for quick replies!
The pick I'm using says: USA NYLON .38mm (Jim Dunlop)

Not sure what all that means tho'...

Blimey, that is thin. I have a Dunlop .60mm and a .73mm, and the .60mm is too thin for me. I've got those two, and a medium one, and then a really solid one, and I just play around to see what works best. I'm new to this too.

I'd say .38mm will be way too thin though.