ok EMG 81 actives or EMG-ESP LH-300 set. i play alot of megadeth, and some really heavy stuff along with some clean stuff two like nothing else matters by metallica. which would you all prefer
81s and 85s(as a set)
Set up:-
Kustom Sound 40W Guitar Amp
Marshall MG15 CD
Zoom 707 II (surprisingly good..)
VOX Tonelab ST
Jackson DK2M (Seymour duncan TB4 and the SD jazz)
EMG 81's. Passive EMG's (HZ's) and their ripoffs (ESP-LH series) are a big no-no. Active EMG's (81, 85, 60, 89, etc.) are awesome for metal. The 81/89 set is by far my personal favorite.
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could just get the dave mustaine active pickups?
i think they're by seymour duncan, if my memory serves right!