If i practice three hours a day, how should i split the time between scales, arpeggios, songs etc? I'm at an intermediate level and want to make the most out of my time.
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"what should do" ?

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do whatever you need to do the most the most. if that makes sense. then second the second most and so on.
I think setting up a schedule for practice just ruins it. It's the spontaneity of guitar that makes it interesting. You can just pick it up and start strumming, fingerpickin', or in my case and a lot of others: facemelting.

When I wake up in the morning I strum E maj in 9 different positions.

When i'm on the john, I play classical guitar, when I'm talking to someone, I'll play some hendrix. And when i'm eating a meal, I usually play some Stev Vai.
YOu should just pick up the guitar and know instinctively that" Oh, my alt ernate pciking isn't the greatest, I should work on that" Practice shouldn't be like brushing your teeth, it should be like brushing your teeth with a pipe cleaner and wiping your ass with your toothbrush. You know, just do it.
ahhh funnie doggy...but yea you should spend all your time learning Green Day's American Idiot album mang...that would be so hardcore
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Don't set up a schedule to begin with. Personally, I learn best trying to learn songs that are a bit beyond my reach that use a technique I want to get better at. For example, if I want to get better at sweep picking/scales, I learn a Children of Bodom song.