I saw a coupple of no stairway stories from some different people of the pit and got to thinking of making a thread on different guitar store stories.

So ever since Guitar Hero 2 came out, every time I walk into my local guitar center I hear Sweet Child o' Mine being played. I was sitting messing with a loop that I had made while my friend was sitting beside me and some dude started playing it. I just started laughing and told my friend that it alwayse is played when I walk in.

Next thing I know a middle aged guy that is standing next to me, holding a start in his hand, yells out "That Damn song is alwayse played in this ****ing store" He dropped the guitar. and ran twards the kid who was playing it and punched him in the jaw knocking him out of his chair. I looked at my friend and said "I think i'm ready to go" so we left before anyting else could happen.
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This one time I went to a guitar store yeah

and i bought a guitar

OMG!! Me Too!!
I go in and theres always some dickwad 12 year old messing with the pedalboard, and he always decides to turn them ALL on at once. -shiver-
i went into one the other day and the two guys were chatting away about someone and how they should have been eaten alive by lions or summit, then they made up a song on half an acoustic guitar and started singing it, then one of them started going on about facebook and how little friends he has or something, how little comments he gets.

then just before i left they brought out this calender and it had a big hole in the middle that said, this is how many days are lost to the RAF or summit and they started complaining about how it was a waste of a calender or that it could have just been a sticker that you could peel of if you didnt give a s*** haha

but nothing as exciting as that...that was the day i decided i want to work in a music shop at some point in my life! hahaha
hrm... i went to this small local place, actually my guitar teacher is buddies with the guys that run it. but anyways, i went in and i was lookin around, and the guy that ran the place comes over and he's like 'wanna try out the Mesa/boogie Mark IV over there?" needless to say i nearly shat myself and i nodded enthusiatically. so i ran out to the car, and i got my Les Paul, came in and took it out of the case, and as he handed me the cable to plug in with. he exclaims in an almost girly squeel that his guitar look JUST like mine. so we start trading Les Paul stories and before long, ive spent a few hours in this store just a talking.

yeah thats kinda it. sorry if you read all of it.
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Hmm, let's see, where to start?

Well, there was one time when I flattered some 14 year old metal "hotshot" with some serious B.O. that was playing nothing but Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne just to see his reaction. Needless to say, it was interesting.
At my local Music Shoppe, there's always this one dick who thinks he knows EVERYTHING. He's the most biased person ever. Anyways, he's trying to sell this mom a epiphone SG special for her son. Keep in mind here, retail value 100 bucks. He goes on and on about how awesome it is, he's had his for 10 years and it still works like a charm, he used it to tour. Then a lady walks in and starts bitching him out cause his sons guitar broke(the low E tuner came off). Needless to say, she left without buying.
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