i personally favor the BBE sonic maximizer
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not a lot of explanation around here so i'll help you guys out:

They boost harmonics and sparkle. Very hard effect to describe, basically adds a sheen to your sound and makes everything sound sparkley and clearer with peaks of treble.

It can make your bass especially more refined and less boomy and the midrange smoother but if you add too much it can become quickly overbearing. I would say it's worth it for the pedal but only if you don't have any of the other standard effects pedals and you have a desire to pick one of those up first.

BTW, if you use a lot of the effect the higher you turn up your amp the more it become amplified and there will be a point where your amp is loud and the exciter just over-saturates your tone, making it really harsh and piercing to your ears. so moderation is the key
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