I have a Dimarzio ToneZone. Where do you connect the ground off the volume pot to?
Thanks. A quick answer will be greatly appreciated.
Which means ANSWER OR ELSE!
jj, no, its not on there. I have no switch, no tone. One pickup, one volume.
Any other opinions guys?
ok well same page, up a little higher, click on the 1 pickup sg, under gibson section.
(that one looks to have a switch)
but you should get the idea.

the ground just needs to touch all parts. (like in that diagram) and a ground needs to run to the bridge, and also to the input jack middle lug.

so star ground from the pool on the back of the pot to all parts.

here or use seymour duncan...


the colors are different but if you identify the ground you can follow thier diagram.

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On my Tele and Westone there is a hole that goes from the control cavity up under the bridge and the wire just sits there loose with exposed wire and the pressure from the bridge being screwed down holds the wire in place and makes the ground connection.
You will have to remove the bridge to see if it is there or not.
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