For sale here is my '72 RI Fender Telecaster Thinline. This guitar is in near mint condition. It has very, very light and very few scratches on the pickguard. You can only see them when you hold it in the light at certain angles. There is only one spot of belt rash (small scratches from playing the guitar with a strap) on the back of the guitar and it is extremely light and can only be seen in certain light at certain angles as well. I tried taking pictures in different lighting at different angles and I never could get any scratches at all to show in the pictures.

You won't find another used guitar in this good of shape. The neck is straight, the frets are polished and show no wear, the action is low and even, and the intonation is spot on. It is in as good, if not better shape than guitars you buy off the wall brand new in stores. I have taken very detailed pictures of the guitar to show you exactly how great its condition is.

The guitar has over $300 of upgrades that I have had professionally installed. The stock pickups on these guitars are pretty crappy to be honest. I had both pickups professionally swapped out. In addition to the pickups, the guitar has straplocks, a strap, and a hardshell case.

I had the neck pickup switched out for a 1957 Gibson Classic ($129.99) and the bridge pickup switched out for a Seymour Duncan '59 PAF ($75). If you don't know much about these pickups, I recommend reading up on them. They are fantastic. The '57 in the neck is a very sweet, clear, and bell-like tone. The '59 PAF in the bridge gives you the crunch and is a higher output pickup. The two mix extremely well. With the combination of the pickups and the semi-hollowbody design, you can even dial up a really good jazzboxy tone. Here are a couple of reviews for them:


http://www.recordingreview.com/articles/articles/47/1/Seymour-Duncan-pickups-review-The-59-bridge-m odel/Page1.html

I can assure you that you will prefer this setup WAY above the stock setup that the other guitars on here have. I had these pickups professionally installed by a local luthier. The covers for these pickups are actually a tad smaller than the stock Fender pickups so there was a tad bit of extra room around the covers when they were changed. I had the luthier inlay matching white ivoroid (exactly the same as the pickguard) in these two areas. I have included some up-close pictures of this so you can see exactly what I mean. It looks great.

With the upgrades, hardshell case, and the condition of this guitar... this package has a total value of well over $1250.

-'72 RI Fender Telecaster Thinline ($699.99)
---Gibson 57 Classic Neck Pickup ($129.99)
---Seymour Duncan '59 PAF Bridge Pickup ($75.00)
---Schaller Straplocks ($16.99)
-Freedom by SKB Hardshell Case ($119.99)
-Levi's Guitar Strap ($34.99)

Total Worth Without Installation Charges: $1076.95

Shipping is $50 and that includes USPS Priority Mail (2-3 Business Days) Shipping with Signature Confirmation and Insurance for the full auction value. It is impossible to tell exactly how much the shipping will be, so I am setting it at $50. If the shipping ends up being less, I will refund you the difference immediately. I NEVER rip people off on shipping and handling charges!

More pictures, information, and soundclips available on request! If you are going to buy this guitar, it better be quick because it'll be gone in 3 days.

Total price: $650 + $50 shipping.

Here are some pictures:


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