Lately I've been seriously thinking about getting one of these new Ibbies.
However I've discovered some info about serious lacks of sustain.
The main seller on ibanezrules.com said that every color type of S5470 has got the same problem regarding sustain.
I am aware that this is brand new model and it take 4-5 weeks to get one (!) but has anyone got already this guitar and could record some kind of sample or comment somehow this sustain rumour?
who needs sustain when your playin a million notes a minute, oh yeah!

but to be serious,, i have an S270(dicontinued) and i would admit in comparison to certain guitars it isn't the best BUT!! it could be because it has **** pickups ,even worse than the modern day s-series, there we go i think i saved the s-series reputation
But I thought that S series is going to be less full shredding machine than RG series.
I wanted more versatile sound out of it with more sustain than RG.
Some people say it is a problem, some that it isnt.
And there are no sound samples anywhere so that I could check it by hear.
Ibanez should put some demos on their webpage!
Check it out on the Ibanez website forums, they have discussed the issue there as well but more in-depth. Apparently, there is a theory that the new reinforced metal in the ZR2 may affect the guitar's overall tone or sustain, aside from that, the bolt on part is further away from its original place at around the 17th fret, in order to make space for the 24 frets.
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