So..this is our cover of Welcome to the Jungle..we don't have a singer and we'd only played together twice when we did this, but it's still pretty ****ing sweet.

Check it out..

crit for crit..

everything you have there is really good, the guitar was really good, but it could use some vocals though, and yea get your shirt on
I dont want to bash or anything, but the beggiing was awful...not in time, horrible tone, etc...

Then it got a little better...but i think you need to practice more, tone was not good at all...

and the solo was REAL BAD, learn your bends and do it on time...

As i said, im not trying to bash or anything, im just giving my opinion here...but the dudes above are right...why are you NOT using a shirt??..

.if you want to go shirtless youll have to play like Slash first...its a long way in this case...hahaha just kidding
haha..sorry about the shirt, I guess...we'd been playing like two hours and I was hot and sweaty...I guess it's not too appealing but I wasn't really going for sex appeal, haha..

And yeah, the solo's off time and the bends are definitely off at parts, but I only learned the song like, two weeks ago, so give me time to master it, you know?

Thanks for the comments

oh yeah..and I don't have a delay pedal, so the best I can do is the delay built into my amp, which sucks and kills it, so I'm sorry.
You dont have to be sorry man, everybody has posted some crappy stuff, my first recordings where made with windowns sound recorder over the original track, and i was stupid enough to post it on a forum....

but with time youll learn about tone, and that kinds of stuff, aswell as bending, i still bend out of tune a lot, but compared to the past im better...so keep posting!

i just read my previous reply and it was to harsh and it appeared that i was saying your cover was crap, that was not my intention...

your finger work looks shotty! likes like ur only using 2 fingers! ne1 playing wasnt to bad but trying using atleast 3 fingers if not all 4