At the moment I'm trying to find a set of pickups for my bridge position (I have an Ibanez 7321), but I'm not sure what set of 7 string dimarzios provide a good quality sound. I know I like the sound of D Sonics, but I'm wondering if anyone here has had any experience with other pickups they find to be a lot nicer. I would like to get a nice sharp tone on upper strings and a decently heavy (nothing like lamb of god or anything) tone on the low B string.
Blaze? It's the 7 string version of the Steve's Special.
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I think DiMarzio makes a PAF 7, the same pickups used in the Korn 7-string sig. I think itll get you the tone you want.
From experience, I can tell you that the Blaze-7 works very well for 7 strings. It's got defined but bassy low end, mids that smooth, and a high end that cuts through nicely. It also depends on how you EQ, but they're good pickups with good definition. PAF's don't have enough output and they're a bit too round sounding for my taste.
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Tone Zone 7. It's a hate it or love it pickup for most people here on UG. I personally LOVE it. It gives me nice smooth leads and crunchy rhythm while having a bell like twang when used split and clean.
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