Hey guys,

Heres my newest endeavor, I tried to keep the song to its roots but also add my own flair to it. Hopefully you guys enjoy it as much as I do playing it.

I just added it to youtube guys, so if anyone wants to watch it its: http://youtube.com/watch?v=MReJZ3P9Z-Y

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Love it- the vocals especially. I really like it as is. Bongos would sound incredible with it IMO, if you have access to any. Keep up the good work .
Man I love those kinda comments! You made my day. Thanks so much, Im going to work on some bongos, I think thats an awesome idea too. Feel free to pm me anytime, Ill crit your stuff always.
You play the chords pretty well, and your singing's pretty good, but in the beginning of the song, your voice sounds a bit breathless? It could just be me but it sounds sort of like that but after a few seconds pause and you start singing again, it's all good

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Good work, good guitar good vocals. Very good cover.. well I've never heard the song but u get the idea nice cover.
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