Random little song I made up - some of the parts get a little boring on their own, but that's where drums and vocals are supposed to be more prominent.

Crit for crit, any constructive comments appreciated,

That's pretty ****ing awesome, IMHO. Nice work. Put some kickass drums to that **** and it'll be great!

The one part I'm not sure about is towards the end with the two measure pause after those little riffs you have there. I know you're saying that'll be filled with other things but it's a bit long of a pause for just drums or vocals to be going. *shrug* I could be wrong depending on what you do with it, just offering constructive criticism. Good luck.
I was thinking that myself, perhaps a clean part in the rests would sound better?
I liked this alot, I thought it was really groovy . Thought the harmonizing was pretty cool. I found it a slight little repetitive though. I agree with you that a clean part would fill the rests up pretty well =).

Uou might want to consider using markers, because I didn't have a clue what riffs would be verses, chorus or whatever
Cool riffs. Some of it seems to go on for too long at some parts, but then again I don't know how the vocals/drums fit into it.

Overall, I'd say about 7.5/10. Pretty solid song and the riffage was awesome, but I would've liked to a solo!
Thanks for the crit!

As I listen, Intro riff is cool!
But the lack of drums makes everything seem really repeatative.

Also, the tab isn't labeled so I can't tell verse from chorus or whatever, that always puts me off a bit.

Sort of sounds a bit KsE-ish, there's been alot of that lately in this forum.
Oh well, it's cool!

A bit on the repeatative side, maybe a recording with drums & vocals wouldn't have that problem!

So far, 8/10!
I deeply regret the 6661 in my username. Siiiigh. Damn you, 14 year old me, you edgy little bastard.
its good if youre just starting to compose but to be critically honest its an incredibly un - inspired piece of music.

Repetitive and very cliche standardized metalcore song.

my suggestions ?

vary the riffs stop playing that same riff over and over again. a solo would be nice but not necessary. More riffs ! try not to fall into that metalcore progression.. its been done try something different and add a variety of possible solo techniques into your riffing. and add more structure, does not have to be you're A-typical structure but add a bridge etc.

5 / 10