so, ive been playing my squire p bass for a while, and getting tired of looking at it for so long lol. since this thing is pretty low quality, im not so scared to mess with it. j

ust to start with a basic customization, i wanted to paint a design onto the pickguard.

being it finished plastic, what measures could i take to make the design apply well? what type of medium? anything i should de before hand like slightly sanding it or something?
Acrylic paints, air brushing, etching will all work on a plastic surface. Once you're done with whatever it it, get spray acrylic sealer to protect and seal it on since you'll be touching it a lot in the process of playing it.
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you could get a different pickguard
what colour is your bass now? what colour is the current pickguard?

when i got bored with mine i covered it with stickers
it now looks immense but works terribly but now i can't have the pickups or anything replaced cos i can't get the pickguard off :P
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oh, acrylics and the spray sounds good.

i was planning on stickers on the body, the pickguard is white and the body is metallic red.