I saw it on youtube and it was pretty cool, I notice that only the lower brands sell such a thing has anyone seen an Ibanez with a floyd rose.

Let me know.
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the bassist in primus uses one, it's made by a company called hipshot.
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i've seen basses with both Floyds and Kahlers. I know Ibanez NEVER has Floyds so the person probably put it on there. good luck tho.
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bass with floyd! thts crazy and no, ibanez do not sell floyd rose bases, because Ibanez are all guitarists and they have 3 bassist and the be mean to them
There's no such thing as a Floyd Rose for bass. They aren't made.

Tremelo units, yes, they are made, by Hipshot and Kahler.
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I think i've seen some Steiberger basses with a trem.
Don't think it was a FR though.
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Claypool and Wooten use Kahler tremolos. They're very expensive and are pretty much the standard for bass tremolos. I've read that the hipshot designs tend to have tuning issues more.

*edit* You'll be hard pressed to find a bass with a stock tremelo. You'd probably have to buy the tremolo separately and have it installed (unless you're comfortable routing the front of your very expensive bass).
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With that I would also have to reroute my system, would that involve cutting the wood?

routing = cutting wood

Its the major downside to all bass tremolos. And its really recommended that a pro do it, so you can find yourself about $300 in labor costs for a $300 part pretty quickly. I'm personally not even going to consider it until I'm out of college and can afford to get a nice warwick and kahler setup. It makes more sense to put a $600 part on a $3000 bass than it does the $700 bass I might be able to afford next year.
You could probably ghetto-rig a tremolo, if you were good with metalworking or had someone do it for you. I don't know of any companies that actually make and distribute one, though.
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