I'm looking for a fuzz pedal but I don't know what direction to go in. I'm looking to get a fuzz sound similar to John Frusciantes' in the choruses of Storm in a Teacup and Dani California. I checked out the Boss FZ-5 and the fuzz face setting was ok but the other two settings sucked and I don't want to pay for what I'm not gonna use.

John uses an EHX Big Muff Pi live. Along with a Strat and a good amp, that should get ya a good sound.
Check out the T-Rex Mudhoney.
Great pedal, and with an awesome name.
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I have a LBM and I like it alot, and I think you ought to be able to coax a Dani California sound with it. But might I also suggest a look at the Voodoo Lab Superfuzz. I just got one about a week ago and it's got a real good, think "Had to Cry Today", fuzz.