Ive been building a superstrat style guitar recently, 1 humbucker (EMG 81), OFR, 1 vol pot, bare basics, BUT I need a neck, i built the body myself but im gonna buy a neck, now ive always liked the idea of an upside down strat headstock, but if i put a lefty neck on a righty body, will it **** up? especially with a locking nut..

Cheers for the feedback

You should be alright. The side dots will be on the wrong side, though.
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Ive have 2 righty guitars with lefty necks in em. Ones set up for righties and the other is set up for me to play. But yea strat pockets are not directional. Just need to change the nut. A marker will make side dots if you want em.
But if the headstock has a logo it'll be upside down, though.
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But if the headstock has a logo it'll be upside down, though.

Buying a blank headstock, then putting my own logo on it

So do i need a lefty locking nut tehn?
No, the locking nut will remain the same for both Lefty and Righty necks. Just leave it the way it is.

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Dunno where your getting the neck from, but wouldn't it be more straightforward to just buy a neck with a reverse headstock? I know Warmoth do them.
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Ebay, im on a budget tighter than a 2 year old.

Its a lefty fender neck with a locking nut.