Hi guys I was wondering if you could help me with a few questions.
I really need a new amp because I'm using my Ibanez starter amp for 4 years now.

I play in the church band and I always use some fender amp but it sounds horrible so I wanted to buy a new one with a better(?) fitted sound.
I was thinking about a Vox AD50VT or AD100VT, but what is the difference between the two, I also wondered what the difference between the normal and XL version is.
I usually play some regular rock, alternative and I also sometimes play some metal and hard rock, Is that amp all suited for that kind of music?

I also recently bought a Pod XT Live for use with that amp from church and for practice at home but I wondered if i still need to use one if i would buy a new amp with its own effects. Also I would like to know if I would buy the vox pedal(or any other pedal which I am able to use) how it exactly works f.e. if I would want to switch channels/sounds how much sounds I could store in what channels and how it works with that pedal to switch the sound because with the Pod I could handle that very easy.

Thanks in advance.
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I would go with an AD100VT. I think the only difference is wattage, 100 to 50 with the AD50VT. Vox AD-XL amps have more high-gain models, more for hard rock, metal, and the like. I would use the PodXT Live as a channel switcher, or to run more than one/two effects at a time, depending on the amp settings.
ok thanks for the info but if I would use the Pod as channel switcher i would have to make the sound on the Pod itself to change and can't change the channel on the amp by using the Pod right?
Because if I would change the channel on the amp itself without the Pod attached it would sound different and "less digital" instead of having the Pod attached right?
You may want to take a look at this. It's suppose to be specifically voiced for modeling equipment. Sounds like what you may be looking for.

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